Monday, August 7, 2017

Sabine Lippert shares her love of Beading!

I have the extremely good fortune to have many friends in the bead world and it's always fun to spend time with them.  I will always remember when I first began seeing the name Sabine Lippert.  Her designs were beautifully executed, with a strong design sense, wonderful coloration and oh man, she was so prolific.  I remember writing her and saying something close to 'Who the heck are you?'  I laugh at those early days and memories.  She of course continued to excel and in short order we met at her first Bead and Button.  She's crazy fun in person and we've continued our friendship ever since. For two beaders who live on opposite sides of the world we manage to see each other a couple of times a year, pretty amazing!  One of my great pleasures of the bead community is spending time with other beaders.  As Sabine will tell you below it's one of hers as well.  Marcia

Do you love beads?
Yes! Definitively yes!
Well…. this is only a piece of glass with a hole (or two or three). You could also say I love vases or windows, hey, windows are even bigger pieces of glass, so what is so special about beads?

I have to confess, that I have not a real good answer to this. All I can say is, that when it comes to beads, I cannot stop drooling about their colors, their shapes, their looks. When I open a drawer full of beads, my mind starts working, starts arranging them in this or that shape, stitch, order, number.
I can talk to someone and suddenly an idea pops up and my mind is gone with the wind… beading!
You don’t find beaders at every corner of the city, but once you find them, you do not hesitate to travel for hours to meet them.

When I first time came to Bead and Button show, the officer at the immigration asked me what the purpose of my visit was. I told him where I am going, he was looking at me like, "All the way over the ocean to meet some people who share your hobby?“

Well…. non beaders will never understand.
The first local meeting of beaders (this is now over 10 years ago) was a fun experience. I just learned how to do bead crochet. Now I saw all the other women, making a show and tell, bringing all their beaded beauties, I saw Peyote, Herringbone and RAW designs for the first time and was lost! At the end of the day, I could make a drawing of every single piece I saw, I could tell you who knew which technique, but I had no single personal information about the women.

Usually when you meet other people, the first thing is "What is your job, where do you live? Are you married? Kids?"

None of that, when you are with beaders. It is one of these places in the world, where the only thing that counts is your desire for beads.

11 years ago I started beading. I was frustrated in my daily job for many reasons. Often I came home in the evening, angry, sad and upset. I closed my door, dropped my bags and jacket and started beading. Within minutes my anger disappeared and I was in the middle of my rainbow unicorn fairy world of beads. It was so soothing and still is. When stress gets too overwhelming, I meditate with my beads. 

When I quit my daily job as a physician years ago to completely dive into the beading world, my former boss asked me "What on earth did you go to university for?"
I said  "It helps me to write nice instructions" but deep inside I just thought "You will never understand, so why bother to explain".

Do you remember the first Rivoli you bezeled? With neat Peyote stitch, do you remember being proud as a peacock? As a teacher I am in the position to see this facial expression in every workshop I make. And that is priceless!

Yes I love beads, I love beading, I love all the friends and friendships that beading brought in my life.
Sabine Lippert
Tulpenweg 56
53757 Sankt Augustin


Tali said...

Beaders all round the world love you right back! You are a one of a kind beautiful, delightful person! I am happy and proud to be your friend, even though years have gone by since we last met.

Sam Macklem said...

Anyone who has ever met you, Sabine, loves you! I love your classes, your patterns and your humor!!

Your Jewelry said...

After a tough day counseling students in school, I bead for an hour or so. Problems of the day enter my mind, I acknowledge the situation, and the beads remind me to come back. It's sort of a meditative activity that allows you to de-stress and
think about issues without being overwhelmed! Thank you, Sabine, for sharing your love of beading!❤️

beadyknitter said...

I can't wait to meet you and take a class from you next year during the France trip arranged by European Bead Tours. I just got back from Beading Through Bohemia--yes, all the way across the ocean to spend time with other beaders. I know you understand but my non-beady friends don't.

Linda Brown said...

Sabine. I so would love to be a fly on the wall when you and Marcia visit together. What a dynamic paring of people. Both I greatly admire.

Glorious Beads said...

Sabine, I remember when you began with your first blog posts...always fun to read. You have a gift for designing with beads and I'm so happy you've used it to the fullest!! Keep enjoying the beads.

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