Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The LOVE Bracelet by Linda Roberts

Linda has been a friend for many years now.  As so often is the case, we became familiar with one another on Facebook.  Then we got to meet in person at Bead and Button where one's passion for beads often comes together with others.  Then I was lucky enough that she moved not far away and we got to bead together on a regular basis.  I admire Linda's breadth of mediums and it's been my pleasure to watch some of her bigger art pieces develop.  Here she gives us a tiled bracelet with the sentiment that started it all.....LOVE!  Marcia

I find that with beading, one idea often leads to another idea.  I saw the free beading project for July from Bead and Button Magazine and thought it might be a good project (skipping the resin part) for my beading group.  I hadn't yet taught them odd count peyote and it looked like a fun project.

I used the software program BeadTool to create my own 1 inch square design using size 11° Delica beads.  To make the beadwork fit inside a 25mm square pendant, the width of my beadwork used 19 Delica beads and the length used 15 Delica beads.  After beading, it is turned to fit the correct way inside the pendant and glued in place.  I gave the beaders peyote graph paper and they had a choice to design their own initial, or use the breast cancer awareness ribbon design I created for them.

While I was beading up a sample of my initial L for the class, the thought came to me that I could also create the letters O, V and E and make a LOVE bracelet for my Bead Love project. Since each letter component is approximately 1" square, four would not be long enough for a bracelet, so I also created a heart design and added a few rows to connect the squares.

Odd count peyote patterns allow for designs to be symmetrical on both sides of a center line.  But because there is not an even number of beads in each row, it is necessary to do a special turn around on one side of the peyote beadwork.  There are several You Tube videos available to watch to show you how to do the turn around.  Google "odd count peyote" to find them.

The bracelet is made with size 11° Delica beads, 6 lb fireline and a size 11 needle.  A Bead Legend and Chart, as well as a Word Chart for the heart and for each LOVE letter follows. Each design begins on the upper left hand side, and each row begins and ends with a black bead.   Even though the diagrams show each component separately, It is not necessary to bead them separately.  When finished with one, simply continue on with the next, noting that Rows 1 and 2 will be added separately.  The heart and four letters spelling LOVE all connected will be approximately 5 1/2" (14cm) long.  If the bracelet needs to be longer, it's easy to add another heart square at the other end, or add additional beads to each end of the bracelet.  Remember that your clasp will also add to the length of your bracelet.





Finish your bracelet by adding a clasp of your choice.  Then enjoy wearing it, or give it as a gift of love to someone special.

To get a printable version click here.

Linda Roberts