About Us

We are a group of Bead Artists, Designers, Teachers and Authors who share the love of beads.  Collectively we come from multiple countries, have written many books, taught thousands of classes worldwide and are honored to be part of a large bead community.

Our love of beads has allowed us to travel, to engage with and learn from other beaders and to fully embrace the love of our craft. Through our  travels and in our social media circles we have had the privilege to get to know and support one another.

In an effort to spread the love we have embarked on this endeavor to bring you new blog content every week. We are a diverse community and that will be reflected in the posts we share with you.  There will be times we'll tell a story of how beads have brought love into ours and other's lives.  At times we will be presenting patterns for your beading pleasure.  We may occasionally pick a theme and offer related photos for you to enjoy. During the course of the year all of our artists will contribute to bring more bead love into our community.

You can read our inaugural post here.

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