Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Love by Adele Recklies with help from her friends!

From our members to you......

May you always know LOVE!

With love in the air, this week's post will feature a collection of hearts as our valentine gift to you.  Some hearts are free tutorials, some are patterns you can buy, some are projects for upcoming classes or blog posts, and some are are just a pretty photo....because you!

Valentine Heart charms by  Heather Kingsley-Heath

Tiny love tokens to make and share. These cute little Valentine Heart charms take just a sprinkling of delica beads worked in Square Stitch, add sparkle with metallics and a jump ring and clasp to finish. They look sweet as bracelet charms, group a few on a necklace chain or add them to gift tags for a pretty way to simply say 'you are loved’.

Heather has graciously shared a free pattern for these darling hearts.  

Tiny Heart Earrings by Martina Nagele

I’m wishing you a Happy Valentine! Maybe you are still searching for a little beaded present, quick and easy to make? Spread the love with these little beaded heart charms. They make lovely earring pendants or cell phone charms or scissor fobs or… 

Martina kindly shared a link to her Mothers Day Earring post for a free pattern


Intertwined Hearts tutorial by  Helena Tang-Lim

Definition of intertwine
verb  in·ter·twine \ in-tər-ˈtwīn \
To twist (things) together
To be or become very closely involved with each other.

Merriam Webster Dictionary
What is more apt than 2 hearts connected and entwined together for the person you love. Lives and hearts intertwined together. Over-lapping and attached together. Use them as a pendant, a handbag charm or key fob.
Make them the same colour. Make the hearts different colours. Make them in outrageous colours.

pattern available for purchase at

Beautiful, reversible Heart Pendant by Edgar Lopez

This gorgeous stone heart surround will be coming to us as a future project by the very talented Edgar Lopez.

CRAW heart with embellishment by Eva Dobos

Such a sweet and pretty CRAW heart with the perfect little embellishment.  Presented by Eva Dobos (no pattern, just a lovely photo with lot's of romance!)

Sparkly Hearts Earrings by Teresa Meister

Quick to stitch, these sweet Sparkly Hearts Earrings are made of 15/0 seed beads and a mix of 3mm Swarovski crystals. Each topped with a looped 4mm earring post they gently swing and sway from a 1¼ in. (3.2 cm) length of delicate oval gold-filled chain. Look for my free Sparkly Hearts Earrings tutorial the week of July 23rd. Teresa Meister

Heart by Betty Stephan

The free tutorial for this little heart will be Betty’s contribution to the BeadLove blog in May.  Since it is made of two layers, it can hold a small piece of paper within- perhaps a name written on it of someone you want to hold in your heart.  Or a secret wish or prayer. Betty Stephan.

Wonky Heart #1 by Adele Rogers Recklies

With Valentine’s Day approaching and the Bead Love project on my mind, I recently returned to my experiments with dimensional bead crochet by making a heart.  My first heart is done with size 11̊ beads, cotton crochet thread, and a single crochet stitch.  Due to a quirk of  bead single crochet, the heart came out a bit wonky, but it would be fun to run with that wonkiness in the next experiment.  More hearts, here I come.

No pattern yet, but you can see more of my bead crochet at Bead Crochet Snakes

Sweetheart Solitaire Pendant by Nancy Dale

These hearts came about as a direct result of love - the love of beads and the love for others in need. They were originally designed for a challenge to benefit Beads of Courage, a project that financially helps children fighting cancer. I replaced this design with Forget Me Not flower buds in the end, and we auctioned those blooms off instead. I still loved the hearts idea, though, so these became a tutorial.

To purchase this pattern, visit Sweet Solitaire

Metal worked Hearts by Tracy Stanley

The two end hearts use a salt water etching technique and bits of a bead soup to embellish their edges.  Leather backing and a pin back make them a perfect accent for your lapel.
The middle heart includes a stamped word of your choice. This class will be taught at Bead and Button in June and in March at Creative Castle.     Tracy Stanley

Sweetheart Pendant by Gwen Fisher

Let me call you sweetheart. I’m in love with you… The Sweetheart Pendant is woven with beaded cubic right angle weave and its variations. In particular, the stitches included a few different kinds of beaded prisms. The beads include bicone beads and seed beads in several sizes. Because the design uses a limited number of different beads, we can stitch Sweetheart Pendants in two sizes. As a beaded bead, the Sweetheart Pendant has a hole through its center, plus many 1 mm holes, that you can string onto fine chain or cord through those tiny holes.

tutorial available for purchase at Sweetheart Pendant 

We hope you enjoy our selection of Heart themed pieces.

Next week Amor!  by Anne Hesse, adventures in a bead embroidered heart.

Content organized by Adele Recklies and Marcia DeCoster