Sunday, February 12, 2017

The E in Love - by Marcia DeCoster

Once again so many beautiful letters I just had to share them all with you!  Each one is so unique and the coloration and embellishments are wonderful.   We have garden themes, and little mice and owls, grapes, and stripes, so much imagination present.  I thank you all for participating.  It's been so fun.  I hope you continue to enjoy the love letters.

Once again, if we missed your E we apologize, we did our best to find them all!

Last weeks post gave a few ideas for using them but I've seen some really creative applications on Facebook posts.  Perhaps we'll post a few favorites in the weeks to come, so keep posting your finished love letters.  We'll also be putting together a video collage with the photos of all four of the love letters together, so stay tuned for that, it's a lot of LOVE!

Our first E belongs to Wendy Heitzman who volunteered to collect all your V's and then all your E''s and photo edited them to be a consistent size making it easy to collage them.  Thanks for all the help Wendy!  Wendy's colors were all beautiful, but I absolutely love this one with the grapes!

It's also worth a note that Becs Dean-Skinner has completed a bunch of letters.  In the collage below you can see the difference between in E done in Toho beads on the left and Miyuki on the right.  Thanks for that experiment Becs!

We have lot's of love planned for Tuesday so please come back and join us!

Content by Marcia DeCoster