Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Love is a Gift....by Diane Whiting

This week we have a free pattern for a charming, beaded box designed by Diane Whiting.  Here is Diane to tell you about the project.

Love is a gift; it cannot be earned, it cannot be deserved, it cannot be bought and it cannot be stolen.  It can only be given by the lover to the beloved.  Love is a gift that gives to both.

My gift to you is a crystal Right Angle Weave gift box.  The main instructions use 4mm bicone crystals and make a box measuring 1-3/4” X 1-3/4”.  A nearly endless number of box sizes can be made by using more or fewer crystals, or by changing to 3mm bicones, Firepolish, pearls, round metal seed beads or any number of other beads.  Just remember to use beads that are relatively equal on all sides.


Swarovski Elements Article 5328 4mm bicone beads
8 lb Fireline
10 yards
Mylar or cardboard sheet 7” x 7”      
Clear tape

Ribbon, Wire Lace (6mm), or shibori ribbon
1 yard (appx.)

Trace 6 squares measuring 1-3/4” x 1-3/4” in the following orientation and score on the blue dotted lines. If you want to enclose a small note, trace the heart shape to measure 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” on either the mylar or decorative paper:

Cut the mylar on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines and bring together the A and B sides.  Tape in place with clear tape.

Fold the D side to be the bottom of the box and tape in place.

Enclose your note if desired, and then fold the top down and tape in place.

RAW cover:

Begin standard RAW strip by making a 4-bead square unit.

Add 3 beads to make the next unit.

Continue adding 3 beads at a time until strip equals 31 units long.

Join the 2 ends by picking up 1 bead (a), passing needle through the end bead of the beginning side of the strip (b), then picking up 1 bead (c) and passing needle through the end bead of the ending side of the strip (d.)  Pull thread tight and pass needle through the first bead added in this step (a.)

Work RAW for 8 rows, joining and stepping up at the end of each row.

Slide the RAW tube over the box form, lining up each corner with a vertical bead.

Begin at one corner, and add beads 2 at a time in RAW.

Connect the final row by adding 1 bead at a time and passing needle through the existing edge bead.

Either cut your thread or weave through the beads until you reach the other open side, and repeat adding 2 beads at a time in RAW until you reach the final edge, then add 1 bead at a time.

Weave threads through a couple of beads and cut.  You can tie a half-hitch knot or two if desired, then pass needle through an adjacent bead and pull thread tight to embed the knot in a bead before cutting.

Wrap the box in your choice of ribbon, or embellish the box with beads.  I like to use a “Tiffany-Style” wrap and bow, which gives a smooth bottom.  Google “How to tie a Tiffany Bow” to see a variety of YouTube videos.  

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