Monday, May 15, 2017

SweetArt Gifts - Jayashree Paramesh

What could possibly be sweeter or invoke love more than a box of chocolates?  What a wonderful gift Jayashree has given us this week.  It would appear that she had great fun with the varieties here, using her embellishment skills to invoke the idea of several different kinds of chocolates.  Wouldn't this be a fun coffee table project with each set into their own little paper cups?  I'm pretty sure you're favorite craft store or kitchen store candy making section would be a good source for some display items. Enjoy!  Marcia

Weaving magic one bead at a time
SweetArt Gifts
How about showing your love for beads and chocolate? That has to be the winning combination! The perfect blend of aroma, taste, texture and looks makes eating chocolate a pleasurable experience that stimulates the ‘feel good’ centers of the brain. Beaded chocolates don’t have the aroma and taste but you could make up for that by nibbling on chocolate while beading these. Beaded with peyote stitch, these fun components are addictive. Use your imagination to embellish with suitable beads from your stash. Connect them to make a sweet bracelet or stitch them on to a purse. Make a pendant or a pair of earrings. Whatever you decide to do, it will be a conversation starter for sure! 

Original Design by  
Jayashree Paramesh

Jayashree Paramesh
1 tbsp size 10 delica chocolate brown #DBM 0715 A
1 tbsp size 10 delica opaque cream #DBM 0732
1 tsp size 11 delica any chocolate brown color C
1 tsp size 11 delica any white chocolate color D
An assortment of other beads for embellishment 
  Coffee bean Czech glass beads in a couple of colors  
  Some small citrine nuggets for toffee
  Round garnet for blackberry
  Red Miyuki drop beads for cherry
  Carnelian for orange peel
  Piggy bead for sea salt caramel

Size 12 or 13 beading needles
Suitable thread like One G
Thread burner

1. Rows 1 and 2: On 2 ½ ft length of thread, string 24A. Go back through the 1st bead strung in a circle and make a ring. Go through all the beads once more and exit from the 2nd bead strung.

 2. Row 3: Pick up 1A, skip one bead on the ring and go through the next bead, thus making the 1st peyote stitch. Pick up another A and peyote stitch. Now, pick up 2A and peyote stitch. This is the 1st herringbone pair. Repeat this pattern and finish the round. Step up.

3. Row 4: Pick up 1B and peyote. Pick up another B and peyote. Peyote again with 1B, this time splitting the pair of As from previous round. In this way, continue and finish the round. Step up. 

4. Row 5: Peyote all around with B. Step up.

5. Row 6: Peyote once with 1A. Next, pick up 2A and peyote. Peyote 3 more times with 1A. Next, peyote with 2A. In this way, continue to peyote with 1A 3 times and then with 2A at the corners. Finish the round and step up.

6. Row 7: Peyote with A. At the corners, peyote with 1A, splitting the pairs from previous round as explained in Step 3. Finish the round. Weave through and exit from A in Row 1 as shown. 

8. Peyote one stitch with superduo. Add another superduo, skip A at the corner, go through the next A in Row 1. Continue to peyote on all sides.  Peyote for a total of 8 stitches. Step up. 

9. Make a U turn and go through the top hole of superduo. Go through all the top holes of superduos. Reinforce so that the beads are close together. Square stitch a 4mm garnet or any other berry colored bead. 

10. Weave through and exit from Row 7.  


11.  Peyote with 1C in every stitch and finish the round. Secure threads and trim. 

Make variations based on this pattern by using only A or B or both, changing the embellishments according to ‘taste’ or flavor. 
Connect all components using peyote or right angle weave stitch for a sweet bracelet. 
 Tip: If you would like to use size 11 delicas instead of size 10 delicas, then start with 40 beads. Follow the same steps but for a total of 40 beads at the start. You will need to build at least 12 rows for a good sized chocolate component. 

Original Design by  
Jayashree Paramesh

For more photos, please visit Nchantme page on facebook. Terms and Agreements: This design is available free for you to enjoy. If you plan to bead and sell copies of this design, it would be cool to mention my name as the designer.  

For a printable version click here.


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