Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BEAD L.O.V.E. by Marcia DeCoster

Welcome to our inaugural post in Bead Love.  Why Bead Love?  I felt some of the joy slipping away from me this year as I watched world events and I wanted to find a way to put as much love into the universe as I could.  I spent some time thinking about how I could convey that love and it occurred to me that I should do what I know.  I know beads and bead weaving so I thought that I would bead L.O.V.E., literally!

LOVE Letters by Marcia DeCoster

I was enamored with the idea of providing beautiful beading content to the worldwide bead community staying with the theme of love.  I've had the most wonderful opportunity to meet and grow to love so many beady colleagues I decided to ask if they'd like to join me in beading love.  They also liked the idea and the concept started becoming real.  You can find our member list here, or by clicking the page tab at the top.

So what to expect from Bead Love?  We will be bringing you new content once each week.  Sometimes it will be patterns which are published within the blog post itself, sometimes we'll have a themed post and bring you beautiful photos, occasionally we'll want to share a story with you of beady love and once in a while there will be a link out to a pattern or patterns for sale.  You'll be able to see which member brings you the week's content in the post's title, and we will link to more about them at the end of the blog post.

Up first I'll be providing a pattern for each of the letters you see above.  I love the bits of bead embellishment that make them whimsical and create some commonality of design.  This week if you're so inclined you can make yourself an L.  In subsequent weeks I'll add the O, the V, and the E, and in week five I'll give you some ideas for using your letters.  If your name is Olivia, Victoria, Evelyn or Louise you'll have a monogram!

We have all kinds of lovely content planned for you, so bookmark lovebeadlove.blogspot.com and come visit with us each week while we share the love!

Blogpost written by Marcia DeCoster

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