Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We Love you and still......

We had a blast bringing you some beautiful projects  over the course of the months since January.  In the end I just got too busy to keep up with weekly posts which required a fair amount of effort in order to bring you directions each week.

My colleagues all did a stellar job of contributing and you all did an amazing job of beading some really fun projects!

For now we'll be stopping as each of us leads busy lives and we need to turn our focus back to our respective businesses.

We thank you for being here and for participating.  The content will remain at least for now, so if you have a favorite you haven't beaded yet, you may want to make a copy.  Thank you, Marcia

Diane Whiting


Traveling Square Dancers said...

Sure hate to see you stop posting. Could you perhaps keep the blog going, with less often posts, or by adding more Designers??

Unknown said...

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